Southshire's Farming Partners

Southshire Meats is partnering with Northeastern farmers to create a thriving regenerative meat business that returns more of every food dollar to those committed to regenerative agricultural practices.

Studio Hill is a regenerative farm in southern Vermont owned by Cally and Jesse McDougall. They strengthen the land’s natural water, carbon, and nutrient cycles to restore the abundant ecosystem of their 5th-generation family farm. They raise livestock and pollinators on pasture using holistic land management practices, including no-till gardening, and a 4-acre perennial food forest.

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Haystack Farmstead is owned and operated by Breya and Brian Leach. They have two sons Orrin and Rylan. Our animals thrive beneath Haystack Mountain, nestled in the fertile beauty of the Mettowee Valley—no supplements and no antibiotic feeds, just grass and clean air. And we love our animals and understand our respective places on the food chain.

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Green Mountain Grazing

Chelsea Bush and Hogan Sennett founded Green Mountain Grazing in 2020. They are currently managing Fairland Farm, 65-acres of pasture land in Pownal, VT, and they have begun transitioning all farmable lands to EOV-certified regenerative as part of their partnership with Southshire.

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