Our Industry Partners

We can’t do it all alone, and—be honest—if we tried, would you be willing to bet the farm on us? So RFN is partnering with those leading the effort toward regenerative agriculture certification standards, rewarding farmers for the non-food benefits their improved practices produce, and implementing renewable energy solutions that enhance agrarian life and lands.

Savory Institute’s Land to Market program is the world’s first and most authentic outcome-based, verified-regenerative sourcing solution for meat, dairy, wool, leather, and ecosystem services. Land to Market connects conscientious brands, retailers, and consumers directly to supply derived from land that is verified to be regenerating.

The Savory Global Network is a thriving global community working to advance regenerative agriculture. As the business HUB serving all of New England, Stonewall Farm provides, training, consulting, and resources for people interested in learning more about holistic management or becoming an accredited professional.

Hudson Carbon is an on-farm soil laboratory. We study how organic regenerative farming can maximize carbon capture and restore ecosystems. In 2021, we will sell carbon offsets directly from farms and will share our expertise to scale practical solutions to restore the carbon balance.

Grassroots Solar is southern Vermont’s leading solar and battery back-up company. Grassroots Solar will help you choose the best solar system for you. Either with an on-site visit or by accessing your location remotely, we can evaluate your site and make recommendations for your solar options.

Regen by Design (RXD) increases the impact of organizations by pairing their food systems expertise with our education and media experience to deliver world-class collaborative learning. By collaborating across geographical and disciplinary boundaries, we highlight local expertise while offering international perspective.