Restoring a resilient, equitable, and bountiful Good Food System in the Northeast by 2030


We empower partners & communities to improve their livelihoods and food sheds.

Starting in our own backyard of Southwest Vermont, we’ve invested 2 years in on-the-ground learning, investment, and action to return natural agricultural practices to local farms and communities, making great strides in providing food security and access for local communities, livable wages for food system workers, and healthy food and climate resilience for the region.

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We partner with companies and family farms dedicated to ecosystem restoration.

Our partners are committed to embracing natural processes to reclaim degraded lands and rebuilding ecological, social, and economic health. We do this by architecting resilient regional systems that combine holistic management, regular progress evaluation, and stacked enterprises, generating more profit per acre for those willing to adapt their practices and products.

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