Restoring a resilient, equitable, and bountiful Good Food System in the Northeast by 2030

Regenerative Food Network (RFN) acts as a catalyst for the Good Food System.

RFN's Purpose

We implement holistic solutions that meet macro challenges.

Taking a regional, distributed approach to rebuilding a Good Food System, RFN will make great strides in providing food security and access for local communities, livable wages for food system workers, and healthy food and climate resilience for the region.
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RFN's Projects

We empower partners & communities with finance, infrastructure, & technology.

Starting in our own backyard of Southwest Vermont, we’ve invested 2 years in on-the-ground learning, investment, and action to return natural agricultural practices to local farms and communities.

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RFN's Partners

We ratchet up farmer revenues by selecting strategically-allied partner organizations.

Resilient systems solutions lead to stacked enterprises that generate more profit per acre for those farms willing to adapt their practices to maximize their land’s health, as well as the health of their workers and communities.